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Our company, based in Krinos, Serres, started operations in early 2010. With love, care and professionalism, we began the cultivation of snails in facilities with advanced methods of technology and know-how in order to achieve their quality breeding.
With the excellent living conditions (temperature, humidity, shade), enhanced by the favorable climate of Serres and especially the microclimate of the area, we have achieved the distinct quality of our snails and the produced mucus.
Harvesting mucus is done taking into account all the necessary health measures that Greek legislation enforces.

Based on the unique properties of the snail, we decided to expand our business in 2012, creating COCHLEA GARDEN, which manufactures cosmetics that stand out for their uniqueness because they are based on the combination of snail discharge. Thanks to the rich in ingredients and the specific feed that feeds the snails, the secretion contains proteins, allantoin, glycolic acid and antioxidants that are essential ingredients in cosmetic products for the treatment of skin aging, apparent rejuvenation and immediate hydration.
COCHLEA GARDEN cosmetic products stand out for their innovation and effectiveness by collecting
the saliva secretion and receive its active ingredients at 100%.

COCHLEA GARDEN's formulas stand out from the others, because the natural collagen and the components of the snail's secretion are combined with the newer generation of active molecules. Their action on the skin is proven through clinical studies and immediate.

COCHLEA GARDEN is distinguished by the quality of cosmetics products that have been designed and designed by the Department of Research, Development and Studies of the company and have been produced according to the regulations of the Hellenic Federation of Veterinary Medicine and the EU and with Good Productivity Certification (GMP).






With the innovative method we apply, we have the ability to have multiple mucus collection from Helix Aspersa Maxima snails. From the first to fourth mucus collection, the active ingredients are taken at 100%, since the sophisticated process followed is not a simple extraction but a pioneering collection, isolation, and multi-stage processing system. Thus, a unique and extraordinary quality mucus is obtained in a concentrated form used in cosmetics rich in active ingredients such as: proteins, vitamins A and E, allantoin, glycolic acid and collagen.
The excellent quality of the mucus produced is obtained in indoor facilities where there are ideal and perfectly controlled living conditions for the development of the Helix Aspersa Maxima variety, where the hygienic conditions applied and the particular combination of natural foods provided to the snails are crucial to the enrichment and the composition of the active substances contained in the mucus.
The innovative method used for the qualitative and quantitative standardization of mucus collection is made in our laboratory, which has the necessary know-how as well as the technical and scientific equipment, since special separation, filtration, cleaning, maintenance and quality control machines are required.







The efficacy of the products is based on the combination of unique properties of the excretion of snails with modern active ingredients (peptides, biotechnological process polysaccharides, enzymes, glycosylic derivatives, plant titratable extracts, skin penetration enhancers etc.) that give us effective and multifunctional products. Thus, the formulations of COCHLEA GARDEN stand out from others, since they use both naturally active active ingredients and other younger generations with proven action through trials and clinical trials.
The combination of exudate with newer active molecules offers:


  • Deep hydration.

  • Activate the fibroblasts.

  • Increased production of collagen.

  • Increase in elastin production.

  • Increase in skin density.

  • Tightening of the skin.

  • Reduce the depth and volume of wrinkles.

  • Restore lost skin elasticity.

  • Eliminating the effects of menopause.

  • Protection from photoaging.

  • Antioxidant action.






The quality assurance of each product has been studied and designed by our Research and Development Department, by Scientists with extensive experience in Pharmacy-Cosmetology. The products are manufactured in Greece in accordance with good manufacturing practice "GMP", required by AEO and the EU, ISO 9001/2008 & 22716 on cosmetics and the European regulation of cosmetic products "European Regulation EC 1223/2009"







According to European legislation, all products are subjected to strict dermatological tests and are developed, produced and packaged with high safety standards. In particular, DERMATOLOGICAL & CLINICAL CONTROLS have been tested for their safety.

  • They do not contain Parabens, & Formaldehyde derivatives.

  • They contain no dangerous Dioxins & Heavy Metals.

  • They do not contain petrochemical derivatives.

  • They do not contain phthalates.

  • They do not contain allergenic fragrances.

  • Through the tested package, the active ingredients of the products are protected from oxidation - lesions that leave them active.

  • They are microbiologically tested and certified for the effectiveness of the maintenance system.







  • The raw materials of our cosmetic products are certified with security certificates and come from producers from Greece from cooperatives and from big overseas production companies.

  • The snail secretion is manufactured with unique know-how and its quality is guaranteed by our specialists with absolute respect for the environment.

  • No animal studies are performed.







Our vision is the continuous development of our already innovative products by our Scientific Staff for the purpose of high quality and 


The amazing properties of the snail mucus are known since ancient times and it has been used in traditional medicine since the time of Hippocrates. Someone could describe it as a "Magic Filter" since it offers multiple therapeutic properties which involve almost all the human operating systems.

 It is produced by the albumin gland of the snail and is a proteinaceous substance similar to antibodies.

 It consists of allantoin, glycolic acid, collagen, elastin, gag, water and other specific peptides.


  • Antibacterial and lubricating action

  • Great disinfecting action

  • Fighting free radicals (anticancer action)

  • Fight oily skin

  • Combating wounds and ulcers of the skin and of the gastrointestinal tract

  • Prevention against GRAM + GRAM - bacteria

  • Production of homeopathic products

  • Protection from ultraviolet rays hydrated the skin

  • Treatment for acne in adolescents and adults

  • Restoration of keloid scars

  • His verbal is an excellent marker of cancer

  • Helps the scalp and protects against skin infections

  • Soothing (due to allantoin)

  • Anti-wrinkle and anti-aging action

  • Improve skin elasticity

  • Enhancement of skin and skin stem cells

  • It causes the production of procollagen and collagen type 1 as well as proliferation of skin fibroblasts

  • Rich in glycine - proline - hydrosproline - glutamic acid